"Blame it on Hoover!"

Anti-Hoover by Anna Van Haitsma

Hoover Takes The Blame

Hoover took the blame for the Great Depression, as he should. He was not a very good president and he could have done many more things to help the Americans. Citizens hated Hoover and it was a very rough time for our country.

Not Reassuring Enough

Hoover tried to assure the Americans to stay confident through it all, but none of them listened. How could they trust him when he his actions are not portraying a try to fix the problems? Americans were desperate and scared and Hoover did a horrible job at trying to assure them. He told them the government should only play a limited role in helping with the problems.
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Cautious in Fixing the Problems

Hoover was not one to jump on the problems as soon as possible. He waited a long time into the depression before he realized that maybe he should do something to help. Hoover believed that the government was not responsible to take care of the Americans and that the Americans should benefit from their own efforts. There would be no handouts. He asked for no more layoffs or cut of wages. Although, he did create the POUR in 1931.
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Thinks the Government Should Intervene to Help

Hoover said no handouts! He thought that charities should help the poor rather than the government itself. He wanted use in state and local government. President Hoover was not for a big government. More action was needed for the economy was shrinking and unemployment was rising fast.
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Direct Relief

Hoover did some things that started to help the Americans like creating the Reconstruction Finance Corp, but the poor were still in need of direct relief. The saying "too little too late" explains the way the poor felt. The Bonus Army became a huge problem. They were extremely desperate and Hoover did not help them at all. Instead he shot, gassed, and even blinded one guy.
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What Should He Have Done???

Hoover should have helped the Bonus Army get their money for these were men who have served our country in the past. They were desperate for some help to keep their families alive. Actually tons of people were in need for some help. Everyone was scared of dying. Hoover did not do much to help the poor and I think he could have done a lot more than he did.
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