Close to Famous

by: Joan Bauer


In Close To Famous, Foster McFee and her mother escape her mother's abusive boyfriend, Huck, who thinks he is Elvis Presley! They escape at night after Huck beats up Fosters mom, from a big city in Memphis to a tiny city called Culpepper. While they are driving at night their truck breaks down. Foster and her mother are immediately welcomed into the town of Culpepper with free lodging and place for Fosters mom to work. Foster is very good at baking, she wants to become a Food Network Chef. She mostly make cupcakes but she bakes for her mom too because her mom is a horrible baker. There are some unfortunate shakes in the book that keep the reader on the edge of their seat! Foster meets another teen in Culpepper that wants to become a film maker, Macon Dillard. He has a job with a woman named Miss Charleena, a famous Hollywood actor. Foster gets a job with Miss Charleena and she helps Foster read because Foster has a really hard time reading. I can't reveal all of the spine tickling plot twists in the book because that would ruin the end of the book.


Setting- the setting starts in Memphis but at the end the setting is a small town called Culpepper.
Characters- The main characters are Foster, Foster's mom, Foster's Dad, Betsy, Lester, Huck, Macon, Angry Wane and Miss. Charleena.


The theme of the book was mostly not to give up when you are going through tough times.


I really liked this book and I would encourage other people to read this book. You can check this book out at your nearest library!