Me, Myself and I


I'm Maggie and I'm ten and this is my family. I have a little sister named Maizie, she is six. We both love to dance. I have a mom and a dad who love us and our two cats, Maddie and Chloe. They are so cute, but they can be crazy sometimes.


I go to school at Kenwood Station. I'm in fifth grade and have Mrs. Allen. My favorite subject is math. I ride the bus to school and home. Sometimes I get school food, sometimes I pack my lunch. I love art because I love to design.


I love cats, dogs, guniea pigs and other pets. I love to take care of animals to. My favorite food is a medium rare filet mignon. I love to express my feelings by dancing. My favorite kind of dancing is lyrical because you get to let out your heart. I love sweets, TV and jumping on our neighbors trampoline.