Anorexia Nervosa can be classified as a disease or a disorder.

Anorexia can be caused by many different things such as; extreme dieting and exercising, the fear of being fat or becoming fat, hurtful words, the feeling that your not good enough, ect. Anorexic patients keep up with their weight daily, some individuals keep a journal/book and track their calorie intake, what they have eaten, how long and how much they have exercised,discouraging word to encourage them to lose more weight and how much they weigh, some even join online groups with anorexic patients all over the world to keep up with each others progress on their weight loss.

Becoming obsessed with the feeling

The feeling of starvation and pushing yourself to the extreme with anorexia becomes obsessive and makes it harder to quit.

Anorexic people will do whatever they have to, to become nothing but skin and bones, such as vomiting after every meal, take laxatives multiple times during the day, and exercise and workout till they feel the need to stop.


Anorexia Nervosa effects your entire body, all anorexic individuals bodies suffer in a major way; they have heart problems, mental problems, low blood pressure, puberty delay internal body issues, bowels are messed up, females will lose their periods, dehydration, most anorexic people will faint multiple times a day because of the sudden change and loss of food and liquids; individuals who vomit on a constant experience a rotting esophagus, and tooth decay. Treatment for anorexic patients may take years for others it takes months, they go to therapy and for severe patients they tend to rehab.