About Surgeons


First of all, you need a professional degree in order to become a surgeon. If you want to possibly make more money, having a post-doctoral degree or a doctoral degree will help you fulfill that goal.


1. Surgical Scissors

2. Surgical Forceps

3. Surgical Suction Machines

4. Digital Cameras

5. Plastic Surgery Retractors


1. Knowledge- Medicine and Dentistry, English Language, and Biology. (MAIN 3)

2. 49% have a doctoral degree, 43% have a post-doctoral degree, and 7% have a professional degree.

3. Related occupations are pharmacists and hospitalists.

4. There were about 46,000 employees in 2014.

5. Projected growth is much faster than average-14%- in 2016.

6. Projected job openings were 21,500 in 2014.

7. Work values are achievement, recognition, and independence.

8. Work styles are attention to detail, stress tolerance, and care for others.