Library Happenings

January 2013

Coming Soon!

Lakeland's subscription to Accelerated Reader Enterprise (web-based version) begins in January! We will be making the transition from the old desktop version this month, thanks to the LEF Campus Excellence Grant.

We are currently working on importing student data. Come to a brief training on Wednesday, January 29 after school to become familiar with how you can use this new AR to encourage your students to set and achieve reading comprehension goals. We expect it to be fully operational before the end of the month.

With this web based version of AR, our students will have access to all AR quizzes ever produced. A good portion of our library collection will now be "AR" (compared to a small fraction previously). This includes many new Spanish and nonfiction comprehension quizzes at all reading levels.

Look for emails coming with more details.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Civil Rights

If you want to watch Our Friend, Martin, remember to schedule it in Eduphoria.

Also, click the link below to check out these library resources to help students learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. and related civil rights topics: