Kindergarten News ACES

Week Of September 16th

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you that came to open house. It was a pleasure to see you and your child. We hope you enjoyed seeing all of the things that we have been working on in the classroom.

Highlights From Last Week....

Our second week of kindergarten was extremely busy! We started to get used to the rules and routines of kindergarten. We still need some work, but we will get there. The amount of learning that was happening in our class was amazing! We learned about families, learned how to read by looking at the pictures and practiced turning and talking. We also practiced our letters and sounds and learned the words: "I" and "can". In Math, we practiced counting and sorting by the number of items. We also practiced working in math stations and tried to rotate through successfully. We still need work on that, but we are getting there.

A peek at our learning this week...

Are you wondering what your child will be learning this week? Well, here is what we will be doing:

In ELA, we will focus on the question "What can I do?" and continue to learn about rhyming words and will begin learning about syllables in words. We will practice "clapping" words and names and identifying how many syllables we hear. We are almost done being introduced to the capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet and their sounds. We will take a closer look at each letter in later weeks. It is so much fun to sing "The Alphabet Song" and look for things around us that start with letters and sounds of our own name. We will continue to practice turning and talking.

In Math, we will work on finding hidden partners in numbers. For instance, in the number five, two hidden partners might be 2 and 3 or 1 and 4. The children will love playing math detectives to find out the hidden partners in numbers. We will also learn about the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3. Number chants will be used in class to help us learn how to write the numbers. These chants will be shared with you at home so you can continue to help your child practice the correct number formation.


There will be no school on Wednesday, September 18th. We have a professional development day.

Book Orders

Book orders were sent home and will be due on September 20th.

Please Label your child's clothing

As the weather begins to change and students come to school with coats and sweatshirts, we ask that you please label your child's clothing with his/her initials. There are often articles of clothing left behind and I don't always know who they belong to. Thank you!