2 Weeks at a Glance

5/9-5/13 PTO Book Fair

5/10- Bus Evacuation Drill

5/11- Hartford Spirit Day

5/12- PTO Meeting @ HF (7pm)

5/16- 5th Grade Social

5/17- Lenape Chemistry Club

5/18- 6th Grade Social

5/19- B4 4 Meeting (Final mtg of year )

5/20- 5th Grade Math League

June Faculty Meeting Agenda

  • June check-out procedures
  • Math and Enriched LA recommendations- Ayana Reed-Roberts, Harrington AP
  • Field Day/Trot for Tracy Walk
  • Web Literacy/student researchers- Matt Saul, Supervisor

School Safety Team Members Needed!

We are looking for School Safety Team members for the 2016-17 school year. This voluntary committee meets three times per year to discuss student safety issues in the building, develop pro-active measures to support student safety, and helps develop a plan to enhance what we have in place. If you are interested, please email me.

What Do I Need for my Annual?

We will begin Annual evaluations next week. By now you should have scheduled a meeting date. If not, contact one of the secretaries to schedule your date and time. Please begin to upload any artifacts for consideration by May 13th. After May 13th we will look at what was uploaded, complete your evaluation, and send it to you before your meeting. The process will be similar to what we have done all year. If you need assistance with uploading evidence, please see one of us or a colleague for help.

Tips to save you time for your meeting:

  • Please begin now. We have a deadline date that we must comply with to have annuals completed, so we would like to be as efficient as possible and want to respect your time also.

  • Only upload materials that will substantiate an area that you have concern about. If you are satisfied with your rating in a category, no need to upload anything. If you are satisfied with your ratings in all of your evaluations throughout the year, you don't have to upload anything.

  • The materials that are submitted will be reviewed and a final rating will be determined by the administrator completing the evaluation prior to the meeting. If you have a question as to why an area was rated what it was we will discuss it during our meeting.

  • Complete your Self-Assessment. It will help you determine the direction you want to go in with your PDP. You are going to complete your self-assessment under the 2015-16 school year.

  • We will also complete your PDP progress for the year. Please continue to collect data/evidence to support the attainment of your PDP goal and bring it to the meeting. You should also come prepared with a new PDP for approval for next year. Make sure that you enter it under the 2016-17 school year.

  • Have your PD hours worksheet completed. (PD Hour Breakdown Sheet coming soon)

  • We will discuss which strategies you used from Who Owns the Learning?

  • Lastly, we will also discuss your SGO during our meeting. Please bring your final data to the meeting so that a final score for your SGO can be calculated. Please bring your evidence/data in a professional format.

Lenape Chemistry Club

Next week on Tuesday, May 17, the Lenape Chem Club will be coming for their annual visit to teach science all day to our 6th grade students. They have been given our 6th grade science teachers schedules. The back of the library has been reserved as a place for them as their "Teacher's Lounge" when they are not teaching. They will be using the upstairs bathrooms.

Poetry Contest

Here is the information sent by Mount Laurel’s Recycling Coordinator, Maureen Drinkard. This is a statewide poetry competition open to students in grades 4, 5 and 6. The deadline is June 3, and each school must select only three poems to enter from each grade level. Please look over the packet carefully, as there are several distinct requirements regarding release forms, etc. that must be fulfilled.
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2016-17 Clubs

The club and duty application period for the 2016-17 school year is now open. Forms are located in the main office. As you know, the majority of our clubs are funded by the PTO so the number of clubs that are actually available will not be known until the club budget has been determined. Please use the correct forms. If your club is paid for by the district and is listed in your contract, then you use the Schedule A/B form. If your club is PTO funded then use the Club form. If you fill out the incorrect form it will be returned to you. Please understand that advisor/duty positions are on a year to year basis and nothing is promised.

B4 4 Meeting

The last B4 4 meeting of the year will be on Thursday 4/19 in the conference room. Please email Maryann DiMartino if you plan on attending.

ScIP Election

ScIP Election

Click here to vote for one representative for the 2016-17 school year.