Chariot Races

A Race For Their Victory Or Their Death

Chariot Racing Competition

Friday, Oct. 9th, 6pm

Circus Maximus, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


Cheer for your favorite TEAM. There's Red, Blue, Green, or White team. See who will die or make their mark.

Chariot Racing

It became very popular because of the danger it had and was also very expensive. Since it was profitable, it became into an organized show. It had many fans and they would cheer for there favorite team, they were like sports fans that we now have. Just like sports now, the teams had scouts searching for the next best racer or horse.

About The Racers

There are as many 12 chariot racers and there were 4 main teams. There was red, blue, white, and green. Some would die due to the horses or the chariot. Although, it is less violent then the gladiators it was still considered dangerous. The racers were either slaves or freedmen and the slaves could become freedmen. They would have to complete at least 7 laps.

Circus Maximus

It took place in a long oval stadium that could hold 250,000 people. It was called Circus Maximus and in the middle of it, there were sculptures but they would be tilted so spectators could see how many laps were done. We also have stadiums now as they did back then for sports and was similar to Nascar because they raced and horses still race as of now. There were also injuries in both sports, although chariot racing was a lot more violent.