Rapid Mailer Review

Rapid Mailer Review

Rapid Mailer Review: The Most Beneficial Free E-mail Marketing Software

Want to maintain the email list which has a relatively low price? Want to send a substantial email volume though the fee’s excessive? Do you find yourself picking out the solutions for Autoresponder? Rapid Mailer is everything you should need. It’s merchandise put together by Sean Donahoe.

Rapid Mailer allows to create and manage lists easily, send unlimited emails along with the lowest cost, unlimited autoreponder, view statistics and data quickly. To study more information on Rapid Mailer Review go to this link.

Just what is Rapid Mailer?

Rapid Mailer is plugin assist you construct a HUGE list and send countless emails as you would like without monthly costs.

Feature Rapid Mailer: With Rapid Mailer You could

1. The buyer has the ability to switch easily between providers

2. You could charge for subscriptions (full strategy for micro memberships are going to be included to be a bonus)

3. Instantly queue blog articles for syndication

4. Import all users into specific lists (Suitable for memberships sites)

5. Easily customize and import themes for branded mailing

6. Powerful importing of existing subscribers on the other Autoresponder

7. While using the constructed in WordPress framework for increased security

8. Real-time stats and tracking

9. Integrate with Bit.Ly for click tracking

10. Direct social network integrations

11. Offline version with the email for straightforward html viewing

12. Segmenting lists into groups

13. Could use integrated server SMTP, Gmail and emailing or 3rd party services like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mandril

14. Easy double optin or single option

15. Easy integration intoLeadpages and OptimizePress2, ListRocket (Our OTO), as well as other list building platform

16. Easy subscriber subscribers and management may easily manage their unique subscriptions

17. Full auto responder setup and broadcast management

18. Quick, responsive dashboard demonstrates to you everything at a glance

19. Is often managed from a phone, tablet or desktop

20. Create pre made “Content” templates for rapid development of amazing emails

You will discover lots more benefits but that is a few. Additionally you can use Rapid Mailer to:

1. Avoid DDOS attacks on popular auto responder platforms

2. Avoid expensive monthly fee for any system

3. Make use of a servers own mailing system or use a 3rd party mailer

4. Full Import Control (No forced double optin or “Explanation”)

5. Don’t risk your online business income with a 3rd party service

This is why consumers are loving Rapid Mailer and employing this because their primary emailing system or to be a backup because of their alternative party auto responder…

Finally, for numerous benefits and features already stated and my own personal experiences. I am honest to say that Rapid Mailer a good investment, because you can use Rapid Mailer for any plan list building and make money online. It assists your Internet marketing work get more easy and simple as it can be allowing you to spend less time to do other works…

Finally, it’s your turn, choose and find success through web based business. The most important thing among all, Rapid Mailer has 100% cash back guarantees in case you are dissatisfied because of this system.

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