come to our bread shop

we are selling healthy yummy tuna bread

our shop sell breads that are filled with tuna and fruit

Original Price is $2.50 per bun

Currently we are having a sale where a bun cost $1.50

the shop is opened at 10.00 am

Come get our yummy tuna bread while stocks last

what make the yummy tuna bun yummy

The appearance of tuna bread is well garnished

The aroma of the bread is floury and fruity.

The flavor of the tuna bread is crispy ,fruity as well as sweetness in the tuna

The texture of the tuna bread is crisp and crunchy

We are having a 20 % discount

Advertising strategy 1 :the bread i sell is appealing that people want to buy it

Advertising strategy 2 :If you buy 3 or more bread you will get 20% discount