By: Jack Howard

The role of DNA in biotechnology

Lots if fields in biotechnology involve manipulating DNA. In agriculture biotechnology is used to change some of the genes in the DNA of the plant to make them hardier or produce more.

How biotechnology is used in DNA testing

Biotechnolgy is the manipulation of cells and living things so using a living cell or hair strand scientist identify the DNA. By identifying the DNA police can use the DNA under file to match the DNA to a person and determine the criminal.

Biotechnology in Agriculture

Biotechnology is used in agriculture to enhance or change the genes in plants. By adding in and taking out genes scientist can make plants last longer without water, make more food, and produce better tasting products.

How biotechnology is used in the health industry

Biotechnology is used in lots of different ways in medicine and these are just a few. Biotechnology is used to disover the origins of diseases to create vacines. Biotechnology was also used to discover penicillin by removing the the bad cells from the bacteria that contained it.

Biotechnology in bioremedication

In biomedication bacteria and fungi are put into an ecosystem to make sure animaks can carry out life functions. An example of using biotechnology in bioremedication would be inserting an organism that eats a certian type of polution into an area with a problem with that type of polution.

Possible negitive imapcts of biotechnology

Biofuel Technician

Biofuel technicians use machines to harness chemicals from animals that can provide energy sources. Biofuel technicians use a lot of separations technology which helps them separate components of animals and chemicals.They also help other scientist in discovering cleaner energy sources.

North Carolina Biotechnology Rank

California is ranked 1st in biotechnology with 410 centers
Massachusetts is ranked 2nd with 210 centers
Maryland ranked 3rd with 95 centers
North Carolina is ranked 4th in the nation for biotechnology advancements with 87 centes.