By Alexa Silvera

Explanation Of Character

Snowball is a smart, kind, and a good speaker. He's kind and wants to make life better for all. Snowball was brought to the story when the pigs decided to spread Old Majors message through the farm. Most animals in the story are fooled by his appearance because he's kind, and lively. He was a leader in the rebellion and was exiled by Napolean.

Explanation of character to Russian revolution

Snowball's actions in the novel relates directly to what Trotsky did during the Russian Revolution. George Orwell believes in Trotsky and he shows this in the novel by making all the other charcters believe in him. Trotsky was the leader of the Red Army and led to the Russian Revolution and civil war. Snowball commanded the animals in the revolt against the farmers when they tried to take the farm back.

Connection to understanding the text

This connection makes me better understand the text because, Leon Trotsky and Snowball are very similar. What snowball does in the story doesn't actually happen in real life. Trotsky once lived on this earth. He was a leader, a leader of a war. Snowball was the leader but then got exiled by Napolean. This relates to Trotsky because Josheph Stalin exiled Trotsky to a foreign country.
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