News from Mrs. Schermerhorn

3rd Grade BSE


ISTEP starts on Tuesday, March 5.  We will be taking a practice test on Monday, March 4.  It would be very helpful to have each student at school on time as we will be testing each morning next week.  I have attached an ISTEP tips sheet to my original email.  Please take a look at the tips.  The students know everything they need to know and I am confident that they will do great! :) 

February 25-March 1

Math - Area and Perimeter

Students have been learning about area and perimeter.  Here are some helpful tips as you work with your child at home.  Ask your child what perimeter is and how you find it.  :)Perimeter - "the distance around a figure".  You find the perimeter by, "adding all the sides together"Area - number of square units needed to cover a figure


We are wrapping up our inquiry of simple machines.  Students have been using the IPADS to research their "I wonder" questions.  Students are now working as a group to create a representation to show what they have learned.  Representations are a way to show what you have learned.  Students are creating models, stop motion movies, and commercials.

Reader's Workshop

We have been wrapping up our study of the Testing Genre.

Writer's Workshop

Students have been editing and publishing their realistic fiction stories.  We are also wrapping our study fo the Testing Genre.

First Day of ISTEP

Tuesday, March 5th 2013 at 9am

12451 Brooks School Road

Fishers, IN

We will be taking ISTEP March 5-7. 

First Day of IREAD

Monday, March 18th 2013 at 9am

12451 Brooks School Road

Fishers, IN

IREAD will be March 18-20