Plant Exsperins

By Mileigh Mae Tischer


Sundew eats meat from bugs for food

When bugs come by the flower they think that it is water but it is a gel that is very sticky that will make the bug sticky gel

the sundew tacks nutrients by eating bugs

the sundew is like a venison fly trap but the sundew just has a sticky gel

Once a bug gets in the plant just got fed

the sundew has oalot ofwatersun and bug meat.

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Dragons blood

Dragons Blood helps us when we got cuts, brens, or bites

Dragons Blood is a special kind of blood that keeps us alive like if someone is alergic to somthig

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Bristle cone pine

Bristle cone pine is always twisty because it is always on a M.N.T on a clift in Madison and you can tell if you cut down the trees and you can tell how old it is by how many circles are there.
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Touch-Me-Not plant

Touch me not plant is were if you put your finger in the plant it will squeese your finger and will turn your finger purple and it is not good for you because if your finger turns purple it will get numm.
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