Outsiders Soundtrack

Victor Period 6


The outsiders is about a gang that are called greaser and they call themselves that because of their hair and so they go against a high class gang called the Socs and so the greasers get into alot of trouble people die in very devastating ways.

Fun "we are young"

I picked this song because it tells what young people want to do while they are young and full of energy and they want to waste that energy before they turn older and that energy goes away.
Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Afraid The neighborhood

i choose this song because it talks about when john and ponyboy were at the church away from where they killed the man, they thought they were gonna be forgotten like these lyrics said "when i wake up im afraid somebody else might take my place".
The Neighbourhood - Afraid [Clean]

One Republic Counting Stars

I chose this song because of the lyrics "old, but im not that old young, but im not that young" it reminds me of darry and ponyboy they live in the present and dosent think about the future only if its important.

OneRepublic- Counting Stars (Lyrics)

Bon Jovi Living on a prayer

I chose this song because it looks like it could be one of those songs of that time and it sounds very motivational. Its like when Johnny was about to die and ponyboy was determined to try to live on if he died.
Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer (Lyrics)

Wont back down by Eminem

i chose this song because when they were having the rumble they didn't hold back they went full force and didn't back down and give up they fought.
Won't Back Down Lyrics (Clean)