7th Grade Family Newsletter

May 2020 - The Final 7th Grade Chapter

Last Week of School

The countdown is on.....

It is so hard to believe that the end of the school year is already here. We are proud of the accomplishments the kids have made this year and the challenges they have overcome. This is not the way we envisioned wrapping up the school year. We wish we could celebrate the finale of 7th grade together and send everyone off as the whole staff waves goodbye to the kids. We'll have to use our imaginations to see the hallways flooded with students, lockers closing, and laughter and excitement as the kids leave JCMS to begin their summer break.

As we live out this last week of school, please encourage your child(ren) to check their progress in their core and elective classes to catch up on any missing assignments, complete and/or redo assignments and assessments to earn the highest score and demonstrate understanding. If they have questions, there are Help Sessions and teachers available to assist in their school work. Please email or call them to set up a time to meet.

Tutoring Help?

I honestly don't know much about the website or if it costs anything, but a friend recently showed me the website www.gopeer.org. This website is supposed to be college students who have recently experienced similar course work as our students. They offer over 70 subjects so it might be something to consider.

I'll try to check it out more over the summer, but if you wanted something for summer help it;s something to consider.

Counseling Corner with Frint

From a job perspective I was thinking about 3 weeks ago, "Gosh maybe the kids do not really need me as much as I thought." I have sent almost weekly emails, tried reaching out on Skype, even got on our computer system, GoGuardian, and tried to reach out to kids while they were online, but the kids were not reaching back. Then about 2 weeks ago everything changed. I noticed within myself an urge to get out of the house as the stay-at-home order was getting closer and closer to expiring. I was impatient, ill-tempered and well down right irritable. That is when I noticed the same things with the students. They were done with online learning and I have never heard from so many kids, "Mr. Frint I am ready to go back to school!" I can't say that I blame them. Working in front of a computer screen, not getting to see their friends or teachers in person, getting to be a middle school student again! Hopefully when August rolls around things will get closer to normal. I was trying to think about tips for this summer as we still have a lot of restrictions in place. So here it goes:

1. Check your child's computer, technology and on-line usage weekly. One aspect I heard from parents on numerous occasions during on-line learning was "I thought my child was working. I know they were on their computers. I saw them." Unfortunately, I learned the hard way many students were watching videos, going to websites they shouldn't be on and on chat rooms where situations got ugly. (If you are intimated by checking your child's computer go to a YouTube video to help guide you on places to look on their computer to see where they have been.)

2. Talk about what we have just gone through as a society. I can tell you some of the situations I have read about scare me on how we are treating people now that we can go out and do things again. I think a lot of internal/emotional trauma has occurred with not only our young people but ourselves. While talking about the situation may not solve the problem, it makes everyone aware of their own thoughts and feelings on the issue. Maybe this will cause us to think before we react to certain situations.

3. Start planning for next year. I think when the 20-21 school year starts up again next year there will be more options available as our district leaders plan for the future. Start talking about options early in the summer on what you want to do as a family for 8th grade. Maybe online learning worked out tremendously for your child, maybe coming back to JCMS is the way to go, maybe considering the Karns Magnet Program is the way to go, maybe something totally different. It is different for every child and every family on what will make you successful.

As for me and my summer: Schedule-making is a never ending process, so I will be busy with that. Now that the gyms have opened back up, I'm going to try and lose some of that "quarantine weight" I put on. I am also flying to Connecticut at the end of June to see family, and I'm hoping against hope Las Vegas will be open at the end of July for my birthday!

I will still check my email periodically during the summer, so if you or your family need anything please let me know. I'll try to respond within a few days.

See you in August, my friends!

Best wishes,

Michael Frint

7th grade counselor and now your 8th grade counselor!


Final Farewell from Mrs. Lundgren

Wildcat Family,

It is bittersweet to share with you that this will be my last year at JCMS. I have been so fortunate to get to know you and your families over these last few years. I am proud of the growth I have seen in the kids and am confident that next year will be even better. The class of 2025 has so much potential, and I look forward to hearing about all of the great things they continue to do. I am truly going to miss my connections with the kids and your family. After 14 years as a Wildcat, I am going to spend this next season of life working with my husband, in managing our construction business, and enjoying more time with our three kids: Lilianna (9), Azariah (2), and Amara (5 months).

I hope our 7th graders remember that I...

... believed in them.

... was happy to see them.

... listened to them and valued what they had to say.

... truly wanted to help them.

... was real with them.

... did not have all of the answers but was willing to problem solve and try.

... was fair.

... laughed and cried with them.

... pushed them beyond what they thought they could do.

... was the "short" principal, who was always kind. :)

I hope I was in the right place at the right time to help them. I hope our conversations and the feedback that I gave impacted them in some way that will make a positive difference.

Please reach out if I can help you in anyway. I will still be actively involved through the month of June. I know these last few months have been tough, and I hope summer brings relief, relaxation and adventure your way. May God bless you and your family. Take care!

Mrs. Lundgren

7th Grade Assistant Principal



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- From Mr. Frint & Mrs. Lundgren