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Norfolk Junior High

Karen M.

What is Your Favorite Animal?

Dog 32%

Cat 28%

Koala 24%

Giraffe 12%

Elephant 4%

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Argument For/Against year round schooling

I am against year round schooling because school would take time away from vacation. Vacation would let you relax and not worry about school. Also, if you had a longer vacation, it would give you time to sleep. You would get more time to be with family too.
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Trading Card Story

In the world of Popstar, Kirby was resting on his bed sleeping soundly as he dreamt of candy. Meanwhile, in the land of Ice Cream the Wizard of Light was pacing back and forth curious about what was happening with his dear friend Kirby. Curiosity was getting the better of the Wizard of Light, and he shoots off into the galaxy in search of planet Popstar. In a short while, he arrives and goes to Kirby and tries to wake him up, but fails. He summons a light source over Kirby's head and yells, “Walk toward the light.”

Reluctantly Kirby wakes and says, “Poyo.” The Wizard of Light says we need to go frolic and save the planet. Kirby raises his eyebrows as he extends out an arm to the Wizard of Light and frolics off with him toward a patch of flowers, merely humming to themselves. As they continue to walk, the Wizard of Light once again teleports, hurling them towards Candyland. While they travel, the monster that laid dormant on Candyland slowly awakes, plotting his revenge on the Wizard of Light. Finally, they arrive on the planet. The monster catches them by suprise, throwing a hand up the surface of the planet and grasping both of them in his candy hand, driving it down once more as he throws them into a magical cage. Feeling defeated they both slowly curl themselves up into balls and weep silently to themselves. The monster brings a giant candy hand up and brings it down, killing them both instantly. The monster then goes about and destroys the planet Candyland, flying out into space afterwards and destroys everything and everyone.

Feature Story

Kuddly Koalas

by : Karen Martinez

The koala, when it is born is about the size of a jelly bean, that is really small. Baby koalas, known as joeys, are born blind and have no ears. The joey stays in its mother’s pouch for seven months.

Although people call it a koala bear, it is not a bear. People used to hunt the koala for its fur. Its bottom is thick so they can rest comfortably in their trees. They will sometimes jump from one tree to another. Koalas have their own tree, and they eat trees.

The name koala means “no drink”. Koalas are found only in the forests of eastern Australia, in the wild. Koalas spend up to 18 hours resting.Two differences between the male and female koalas are that the females are smaller than the male koalas, the other is that the male lives about ten years, but the female lives a few years more than the male koala. Koalas are such adorable animals!

Nursery Rhyme

The Rotten Egg

By:Karen Martinez

On May 21,2001, known as Royal Omelet Day, the king of China invited Humpty Dumpty to come and visit him. Humpty found out that the reason for that invite was that the king wanted to eat him. So the distraught egg went to the China Wall to sit and ponder how he was going to get out of that mess. The egg had no idea that the king was behind him, until he pushed Humpty. The king had ordered for a frying pan to be waiting for Humpty below the wall. Humpty landed on the pan and cracked open. The king quickly came down and saw that Humpty was a rotten egg, so he ordered all of his men and all of his horses to try and put Humpty together again. They tried and tried, but they couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.

Favorite App

My favorite app is Xtreme Motocross 2.You can choose the place you want to play in. There are levels you can choose from. The main point is to get to the finish flag. There are bumps and loops to go through. The controls allow you to tilt your device to make a turn to the front or back, and you press the right for gas and the left side of the screen for brakes. You get stars and money on how well you do,and you can use the money to get a different player to play with.

Movie Summary

Movie Review: Finding Nemo

Summary of movie:

Finding Nemo, a movie made in 2003 is rated G. It teaches to not be overprotective and follow the rules.What happens is that after his wife's death a clownfish Marlin, Nemo's dad, becomes overprotective of him. On the first day of school Nemo swims too far and gets captured and sent to Sydney. Marlin goes looking for him. When he's asking around if anyone has seen his son he encounters Dory, a silly fish with short term memory loss. They start their adventure to reunite Marlin with his son. Along the way they encounter sharks, sea turtles, jellyfish, pelicans, and more. While they are on their way to Sydney, Nemo is in a fish tank in a dentist's office.He is accompanied by several fish which includes one with a weaker fin like Nemo. Together the group of fish try to get Nemo to the ocean and to his father. Nemo needs to escape before things worsen.