The Golly Whopper Games

By Jody Feldman Avery Betancourt Block 3


Gil Goodson is 12 years old and he is going to try out for the Golly Whopper Games. His whole future depends on it. Gil's father has been accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the Golly Toy & Game Company. Gil knows that his father didn't do it and he is determined to prove it.

Gilbert Goodson is tall, lean, and has dark brown hair always spiked up in the front. He is very easy-going and calm person, but when it comes to school, he is very serious.

Gil Goodson is a Protagonist.

Rocky Titus is 13 years old and he is also trying out for the Golly Whopper Games. But he has no intent of winning, he just wants to be better than Gil. He has hated Gil ever since he found out that his dad "did it." But he also cheats in the games with special hand signals between his dad.

Rocky is a very muscular boy, with dark black hair in a Mohawk. He is spoiled rotten, and he is also a big bully.

Rocky is an Antagonist.

Charles Goodson is Gil's dad. he has had a pretty hard time the past 18 months. There has been reporters, paparazzi, and false accusations. Only a few people actually believe that he didn't do it. Charles is a very kind and industrious person. He looks a lot like his son.

Charles is a Supporting Character


The setting is in a small town called Orchard Heights. The other setting is at University Stadium, where Gil spends most of his time in the book. The University Stadium holds the Golly Whopper Games. If Gil wins this, he will be able to move away from this town.


The theme is "if you stick with something and don't quit, you will eventually complete it." I chose this theme because when Gil and his team got stuck on a challenge, Gil said," I am tired of doing this, I give up." But his friends told him not to quit. So, because he didn't quit (This is a spoiler alert!) he actually won the Golly Whopper Games! There could be some more themes, but I think this is the main one.

Book Recommendations

I recommend this book to anyone! It is a great book! While in this book you can solve the challenges while they solve them. It is a really fun and entertaining to read. I loved this book! You will get some good laughs from it. I hope you choose to read the Golly Whopper Games!

Conflict and Plot

The conflict is that if Gil doesn't win the Golly Whopper Games, and will be stuck in Orchard Heights. The problem with that is that there are alot of bullies, and everyone is all over Gil's dad's trial. The conflict is both man vs. man and man vs. self because he has to answer all the question by himself and he is competing against other people.

  • Exposition: Orchard Heights, Gil Goodson
  • Rising Action: Gil plays against other players to get to the finals
  • Climax: Gil gets into the finals.
  • Falling Action: Gil win the Golly Whopper Games!
  • Resolution: Gil and his family are finally moving out of Orchard Heights.