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Edition 2.2 - November 2015

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5th Grade Spanish with Silvia McClamrock (3-5 Spanish)

4th Grade Art with Jennifer Flynn (3-5 Art)

3rd Grade Music with David Rockel (3-5 Music)

2nd Grade Music with Mary Scaggs (K-2 Music)

1st Grade Spanish with Julie Dashley (K-2 Spanish)

Kindergarten Art with Nikki Everett (K-2 Art)

In the 5th Grade, we are continuing to learn about how to describe ourselves. We are focusing on our personality traits. You can find the vocabulary here to practice with students. This week, we used the app Puppet Pals to practice describing ourselves. It is free, so you can download it and try it out. It's a good way to record your speaking and hear it played back so that you can improve, with the added fun of puppets!

Silvia McClamrock

3-5 Spanish Educator FTIS

4th Grade Art with Mrs. Flynn

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Fourth grade students are actively preparing for WAX MUSEUM in their regular classrooms, and the art room is no different. Students are creating realistic portraits of their Famous Kentuckians, and are making great progress. Get ready to see an incredible collection of artwork at this beloved event in all three elementary schools.

After our introductory lesson on facial proportions, WES student Rachel Ossege noticed a big difference in her own ability to draw realistic portraits. In her artworks above, she recognized that both artworks show excellent craftsmanship, but her application of new knowledge improved her ability to draw realistically.

Jennifer Flynn

3-5 Visual Art Educator FTIS

3rd Grade Music with Mr. Rockel

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The third grade is working on melody this month. They have played games to identify The music staff, treble clef, and lines and spaces (Every Good Boy Does Fine for the lines and FACE for the spaces). They have also been using solfege (do, re, mi…) to identify melodies moving up and down in skips, steps, and leaps. This week, we sang and moved to a silly song that has a strong example of a melody that stays the same or repeats. Ask your child if they have ever, ever, ever seen a long-legged sailor.

David Rockel

3-5 Music Educator FTIS

2nd Grade Music - Mrs. Scaggs and NKU Student Teacher Rachael Gasser

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Hello, my name is Rachael Gasser and I am a student teacher from Northern Kentucky University. I have had the pleasure of working, singing, and teaching the Fort Thomas elementary students K-2 along side Mary Scaggs this Fall.

We would like to offer our congratulations to all of the second graders on their Veteran’s Day city-wide celebration and performance this past Sunday November 15th at Tower Park. This was the fifth annual Veteran’s Day celebration for the second grade class and was also the highest attended celebration to date with approximately 190 students. The students honored and celebrated our nation’s veterans by both singing patriotic songs and speaking about the military branches, Veteran’s Day history, and even recited a special poem. The students also celebrated during the school week within their respective schools and assemblies with Veteran guests and speakers.

We would like to offer special thanks to all of the second grade teachers, administration, and parents and guardians for their support, guidance and attendance for these performances.


Rachael Gasser

K-2 Music Educator

NKU Student Teacher

Northern KY Honor Choir

It has been an exciting time for Fort Thomas Independent School’s music programs! Congratulations to the 5th grade Northern Kentucky Honor Choir participants for an outstanding performance on Friday 13th! Fort Thomas was well represented by 13 students as part of the 189 participating students from 32 schools from the NKY area.

Their joyous songs and melodies were contagious!

1st grade Spanish with Señora Dashley

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In first grade Spanish, we are preparing to have our annual puppet show! It is one of my favorite "performances" of the year. We have been reviewing how to introduce ourselves and say how we are feeling. In these pictures, we have three centers, in which we rotate, to help us prepare to put on our show next Spanish class.

I am really proud of my kids working so hard to make our show a success!

Julie Dashley

K-2 Spanish Educator FTIS

Kindergarten Art with Mrs. Everett

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During the month of October, the Kindergarten students were been learning about folk art from Mexico. We talked about El Dia de los Muertos or "Day of the Dead." This event takes place on November 1st and 2nd in regions of Mexico, but artists prepare by making masks, sculptures and other images to remember those we love, who have died.

The kindergarten students created a image inspired by sugar skulls (Calavera de Azucar). We also had a little inspiration from the animated motion picture, "Book of Life."

The students were asked to create a symmetrical skull using colorful patterns. Here are some of the students at Moyer working on their Mexican inspired masterpieces!

Nikki Everett

K-2 Visual Art Educator FTIS

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