The accident

12 year old boy get's in an accident


Do you know what it's like when you have a Lincoln town car sat on top of your leg and you are completely trapped for almost 10 seconds? Well I do know what it is like let me take you back.First let me introduce the characters in this memoir. The characters are my mom, my dad, my older brother Phillip, My grandma Diane, and of course myself.

Rising Action

I had just gotten my lunch from and mcdonald’s, and I had left mcdonald’s and what I did was that I went onto noland road (my mom had told me not to go onto noland road) and I was going south to my house and when I got to about the captain d’s parking lot an old lady came out of the parking lot out of nowhere and when she did she was wanting to go north and she only looked to the north.Well I couldn’t stop because I had my lunch in my left hand and my right hand was on the handlebar which my bike has the brakes on the handlebar and the front brake was on the left and the back was on the left and if I had to have stopped and I would have flipped over the front of my bike. Well since I couldn't stop tried to go around her but right as I was about to go around but she had started to go onto noland road and then


I crashed into her car and the I fell down and then she rolled onto my leg and had drug me four or five feet onto noland road. When she finally stopped she came around the car and I yelled “PULL OFF MY LEG!”.So then she had to go back over to the driver's side and pull off of my leg. When she did I could see my leg bone and my ankle bone which had tar all around it and blood all on my sock and my shoe was torn to shreds. The lady actually had called 9-1-1 and they got there in about 1 minute. They had put me on the stretcher and I had and I got to be put on a stretcher and I was able to go in an ambulance for about 10 minutes. While in the ambulance they put an IV in my arm and the IV was a big IV and not a little IV. Going into the hospital on a stretcher was like I was like you were continuously falling or that you were going to fall.

In the hospital I had a room right by the door and the nurses were already ready. They kept checking me to see if I was alright and that was about 10 to 20 minutes. After That was over my dad actually road in the passenger seat in the ambulance so he was the first of my family in the hospital. Then came my grandma who had to leave about 5:30 to 6:00 and had to go pick up my big brother from football practice. My grandma had came back to the hospital around 6:15 With phillip and he was so shocked that my leg was like this he even took mugshots of my foot. My mom had came around 5:45 and she had left work right when she heard about the accident. I was able to leave the hospital at around 10:30 to 10:45 because of all the test that they had to do for them to make sure that I was healthy or not. So I left the hospital. Right before I left the hospital the doctor told me that I couldn’t take off the boot at all. So I left the hospital.

Falling Action and Resolution

Well you would think that since I play sports you would say that you must of had to have sprained your ankle least once well I am sorry but you are wrong because I have never besides I haven’t even broken a bone. So for the next week was the hardest for me in my entire life. Because this was so hard for me was that I have ever had any real injuries. So this was the worst time of my life. After one week I went back to the doctor’s office and the doctor had told me that my foot had not healed all the way. So the bandage that they put on my foot was stuck so we went home and my mom had to take the bandage off herself and it was 45 minutes of pain nonstop. A week later My mom had to take the stitches out herself.

So that is my moment of my life. I hoped you liked it. I hope that you didn’t cry or freak out a whole lot. So this is goodbye. Until the next time that I write goodbye for now.