Guidance Newsletter


Thank You

Thank you to all the teachers that were able to schedule some time for me to come in and give a lesson. I got to help pre-k make listening ears after learning from Howard B. Wigglebottom, play an original board game with 1st grade, make "happiness buckets" with 2nd grade and play minute-to-win-it team building games with 5th grade just to name a few.

Small Group

I want to hear from you!

Small Group Counseling consists of 5 to 10 students usually for 4 to 6 meetings, once per week for about 30-45min. They center around a certain topic. For example, I've done groups on bereavement, relational aggression for girls, and study skills.

So far both groups I've tried to organize, have not been successful. Is there a topic you would prefer I cover? I'd love to get a small group going but I obviously want it to work with the issues you are facing in your classrooms. If you have any ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear from you!

Classroom Visits

"Don't Have A Meltdown"

For the Holiday season I wanted to focus on staying calm. My new panicky snowman bulletin board reflects the theme :)

Pre-K & K: Where do you feel Anger? & Calm Down Dragons

1st & 2nd: Story & Calm Down Sandwich Making

3rd: Cool Down Cubes

4th -8th: Golden Rule School - Solving Conflicts with CHRIST

**Additionally if you are interested in setting up a "Cool Down Corner" in your classroom please let me know and I would love to get you materials and resources and help you set it up!
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