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Age of Exploration

Business in the News

By: Amanda Vasconcelos

The slave trade business is booming. Recently, a new shipment of healthy slaves arrived in America. Affonso I has attempted to slow slave trade, but the King has disregarded his attempt. Plantations are thriving in America as the amount of slaves there is increasing. More slave ships have been sent to Kongo due to the increasing demand for slaves.

Weather Report

This week, the weather will be mostly sunny. On the third and fourth days of the week, there is a chance of rain. Temperatures will average around 10-15 degrees Celsius today.

Latest Technology and Innovations

Lead Pencil

Exciting news! in 1564 the new lead pencil was invented and is now being sold to the public! This was invented when a huge black carbon (which we now know is graphite) mine was discovered in England. The pure graphite was placed into hand made square wooden holders, forming pencils. These pencils are not made of actual lead, don't worry it's not poisonous, but the graphite that acts just like lead. These are the writing materials of the future! Buy one from me, Dina Habboosh in the town square today!


By Jolene Shao

Colonial India is the part of the Indian subcontinent, which was under the control of European colonial powers. Trade was carried between Indian states and Europeans. In the later 18th century Britain and France struggled for dominance through proxy Indian rulers and also by direct military intervention. The defeat of the redoubtable Indian ruler Tipu Sultan in 1799 marginalised French influence. This was followed by a rapid expansion of British power through the greater part of the subcontinent in the early 19th century. By the middle of the century, the British had already gained direct or indirect control over almost all of Indian territories. British India contained the most populous and valuable provinces of the British Empire and thus became known as "the jewel in the British crown".

International News

The Line of Demarcation and its Potential Impact

By: Dina Habboosh

The Line of Demarcation was recently set by Pope Alexander VI that divides the new world between Spain and Portugal. Spain has rights to the west side of the line and Portugal has rights to the east side of the line. This could potentially impact many countries who wanted to build their own empires. It could cause them to build quickly, and since it is unclear exactly where the line is, there could be many disputes over territory. There is also worry that Protestant countries will not accept the word of the Pope, and continue exploration in Spain and Portugal's territory which could lead to more wars.




Transcribed by Jolene Shao

Our reporter did an interview with Joe, a native inhabitant in Philippines. Below is their conversation.

(reporter: r Joe: j)

r: Hi, Joe! As a native inhabitant in Philippines, how are you these days?

j; Well, I am so sad that my country was conquered by Spain, and most of us must are Catholic, which is the religion that we don't really accept.

r: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

j: And the what made me very angry is that our Filipino people are not united to defeat our enemies, so the Spanish were able to seize our nation easily.

r: So, do you have a plan to leave Philippines?

j: Thousands of inhabitants are suffering too. As a loyal citizen, I will still stay here. Anyway, I have no where else to go.

r: Thank you for answering these question. Best wishes for your life and this land!

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