TEKS Resource System

Administrator Trainings

ESC6 Curriculum Collaborative

Overview and Navigation

Review of components and learn to navigate the website.


September 11, 2013/157625/LaPorte

Walkthrough Tool

Learn to access and utilize the TEKS Resource System Principal Walkthrough Tool.


September 12, 2013/157414/ESC6 with DL Availability

September 17, 2013/157647/Dayton

September 18, 2013/157648/LaPorte

September 19, 2013/157650/Bryan

Culminating Change

Meet the challenge of change with the implementation of TEKS Resource System.


October 1, 2013/157652/LaPorte

October 3, 2013/157655/Dayton

October 8, 2013/157656/Bryan

October 10, 2013/157420/ESC6 with DL Availability

The What, Why & How of the TEKS Resource System for Board of Trustees

Learn how the "The System" will assist instructional staff and increase student success.

DATES: Upon District Request


Sheila Barry, Leadership & Accountability Specialist