Won't He Do it?!

I'm Going to Africa...Shabba!

Come On Out!

House Show.

So I { Cirvant}am going to Africa. So come hear my story and some great music and Poetry.

Who is playing Hunter Bennett the beast of a kid he is. I love this dude and he can sing...

Who else...
Oh Just THE Sharif Iman himself. Yes! This dude. Up close and personal. I am excited about this.

I will do some poetry and music in between these two with Douglas Edward Pflueger Obryan Darnell Clark and Patrick James..come on out. Don't miss out!

Maybe some other peeps in the house...
Lets go come on!!!

I will also have copies of my Book here...Finally have more in. FInal sale before I ship off!

Not Tonight...But A House show

Thursday, Sep. 12th 2013 at 7-11pm

1217 N 6th St. Nashville, TN 37207

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.
Hunter Bennett "Wind & Ocean" - Original Acoustic Version
Sharif Iman - Shine