cosgrove teen club for lads

everthing you need to know About it

What time does the club start at?

The boys  arrive  at the club at 5.OO. The club finishes at 7.30 every week

The Boys Who Go And Attend The Club

The five boys who go to the club are called Joe Cates, Amir Khan, Euan Macdonald, Billy Ingles, Kieran Clark.

The Staff Members who work at the club

There are  four members of staff who work at Teen Club whose names are Rebecca, Stephanie, Paul and Jillian who really enjoy chatting to the boys and me. For Christmas this year for a wee change of plans me and the lads are going to have a nice Christmas night in where we will watch movies, eat ice cream, drink hot coco and eat lots of pizza. which is going to be really cool teen club will not be on next Thursday beacause its the first night of Channukah 2013.

Where does the club take place

The club is held at Cosgrove Care in Maccabi in Giffnock.

What kind of things do the boys get up to at teen club ?

The kids arrive at Cosgrove at 5.00 we are allowed a bit of chill out time then we all go through to the quiet room to have a sit down and a cup of tea. Then we all go through to the activity room and we have dinner.