New Land New You!

By: Ashlyn Jore

Come To Minnesota!

Leave your unreliable home and join everyone in Minnesota where you are safe! There are assurances here that people will succeed if they come. Settlers are arriving fast. In order to get here before the land is gone, you can take the fast and main transportation of a steamboat.

Why Everyone Is In A Hurry To Get To Minnesota

Everyone is enjoying Minnesota and the people that are here. People in Minnesota are very trustworthy and everyone helps one another. You do not need to be rich or poor here, for no one here considers wealth. In Minnesota there is land for public schools and universities. Harriet Bishop, one of the school teachers, is very determined and if you come she can help your children get the education that they need.
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Along with beautiful sites, there are also new species for you and others to see! For everyone in Minnesota, there is a great abundance of water contained within its limits! During the harsh winters in Minnesota the cold weather kills all germs so there is no Ague or Fever.
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