Wait Till Helen Comes

Mary Downing Hahn

Setting and Main character

The main character is Twelve year old Molly, she has blond hair and gets startled easily she is the oldest of a blended family. She dose not get along with her little step-sister Heather. Molly cares allot for her brother Micheal and her Mom.

Setting is in Maryland in the countryside, they live in an old church which was recently rebuild into house.

Other Characters

Micheal is brother Of Molly, hes into bugs and collecting fossils.

Dave is Molly and Micheal's step-father, he likes to paint and spend time with his Daughter Heather.

Heather is the step-sister of Molly and Micheal, Heather is pale and has dark brown curly hair and seems to get Molly and Micheal in trouble alot.

Jean is Molly and Micheal's mother and Heather's Step mother, She loves to paint and cook.

Helen is a mysterious little girl, who looks alot like Heather.

Characters I Disliked

The characters I disliked the was Heather and Helen, the reason I disliked Heather was because of her personality, She was sassy and smart and wants to break up her dad and Jean, she gets Molly and Micheal in trouble and Jean and Dave dont believe them. She is lonely and the cause of her mother's death.

I disliked Helen because she trashed Molly and Micheal rooms, she also tried to drown Molly and Heather, she does this because she accidentally set her house on fire and killed her whole family, she wants to be reunited with her family and try to find someone that will die and spend the rest of their life with Helen.

The Beginning of the story...

In the beginning of the story Jean tells Molly and Micheal that there moving into a church, Jean had just got remarried to man name Dave, when they moved into the church Molly and Micheal were out exploring with there step-sister Heather, Heather had stumbled across a Graveyard and Molly tried to get Heather out but she wouldn't listen, she finds a gravestone away from the others name H.E.H, Heather's initials.

In the middle of the story....

Heather sneaks out every night to see Helen, Molly waits till shes gone and follows her, every time she brings up Helen to Dave and her mom, Heather denies, She then tells Molly that Helen will do something to her if she doesn't listen to her, Heather then see an abandoned house that has been burnt down and brings up memory of her pass, Heather continues to play in the abandoned house

In the End of the story......

In the end of the story Heather sneaks out in pouring rain and goes to the abandoned house, Helen than begins to push Heather into the lake that she died on the night her house brunt down, Molly rushes into the lake and saves her, then she went into the abandoned house and heard a large crash, the wall collapsed and saw the bones of Helen's Family member, she was then reunited, and everything went back to normal.

The Problem and the Solution

The problem was that Helen was not rested with her family that she killed, she had drown in the lake across her house that night when she set her house on fire (accidentally). Helen's goal now is to find the perfect person who shares the same experience, and that person is Heather

The problem was solved when Molly saved Heather after she was drowning, they went into the abandoned house and heard a large crash, they had found the bones of Helen's family member and Helen was now reunited with her family.

What I learned from the story..

I learned that if someone is mean to you, you have to be nice back because they might they have something going on in their life.

Helens's House that is Burning.

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Theme/Main Idea

The Theme is not to judge someone cause they might be struggling with something.

The main Idea, is Molly nevered liked her step sister Heather, Heather meets a mysterious character who has plans for Heather to be together forever. Heather and Helen have the same past that's why the have a strong connection. Molly has to save Heather from Helen before its too LATE!

Did I like the story?

Yes, I did like the story.

I like how it kept you wondering what was going to happen next.

It was thrilling, sad , and creepy

The Hanging Tree’ James Newton Howard ft. Jennifer Lawrence (Audio)