By: Amya Rowe


Koalas can be naturally found in a range of habitats from coastal islands, to tall eucalypt forest. Koala populations only occur if these two things are available: (1) If there is the right soil,and if there is enough rainfall. (2) If other koalas are there. Koalas live in societies just like me and you.

What Do Koalas Eat?

Koalas eat the leaves of eucalypt trees. They eat from other trees its just they get more hydrations from other trees.Koalas get more hydration because of the oils that come from the leaves.


Young female koalas make one cub per year and older koalas make 2 per year they mostly make there baby cubs in the summer.


Koalas live in tall eucalypt forests and low eucalypt woodlands in Eastern Australia. Naturally in the wild koalas are found in Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia.

Life Span

In the wild koalas lifespan is 13-18 years


Koalas are 60 centimeters to 85 centimeters, and koalas weigh about 14 kilograms
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10 Fun Facts

* A baby koala is called a ''joey''

* Gum trees are poisonous but koalas have a long digestive system that helps it from harming them

* Koalas have pouches so there baby stays in the pouch for 6 months

* When joeie's are born they are blind and they can't hear but they use touch and smell to find the pouch

* The more grown up koalas become the more food they eat

* Koalas are not bears

* In Australia a koalas nickname is Native Bear

* Koalas sleep for 19 hours and they run as fast as rabbits

* Koalas have really long claws and they are very useful, they help them climb trees

* Most of a koalas hydration is filled by the leaves and its oil