Kepler 452b

Earth 2.0- Naboo

Mary Kopchick

What is Kepler 452B , and is it habitable?

Kepler 452B - also known as Naboo, is a conservative* exoplanet located in the constellation Cygnus.
Inside it's solar system, Kepler orbits the sun in the "Goldilocks Zone" (the habitable zone from the sun with the appropriate temperatures to sustain liquid water.) and completes an ellipse every 385 days.

Regarding the question as to whether it may be "suitable for human life", Kepler 452b provides a promising answer . For it is more than likely for humans to be able to survive on this planet based on it's environmental structure. It is estimated to be around the same temperature of Earth, allowing it to sustain liquid water.

* conservative: holding to traditional values and cautious about change or innovation.

Kepler 452b in comparison to Earth

Earth's radius= 3,959 mi ; radius of Kepler 452b = 6,400 mi

Earth's diameter= 7,917.5 mi ; diameter of Kepler 452b= 12,800 mi (21,000 km)

Kepler 452b

  • 60% larger than Earth
  • Orbital period= 385 days (20 days longer than on Earth)
  • Temperature = Unknown, but estimated to be around the same temperature of Earth and slightly warmer due to the size of its sun.
  • Distance from Earth= 1,400 light-years away in the Cygnus (the swan) constellation of the Milky Way galaxy
  • Moons / Rings = Unknown
  • Length of a Day= Unknown

Calculations concerning Human Transportation / Weight

  1. Kepler 452b is 1,400 light- years away from our planet, therefore it would take 14,000 years to arrive there if you traveled at the speed of 0.1C.
  2. The force of gravity on Kepler 452b is 21.7m/s (about twice as much as it is on Earth)
  3. If you weighed around 100 lb , you would weigh 217 lb on this exoplanet.

Problems and possible Solutions pertaining to the adaptability of Kepler 452b

  • Problem: Kepler 452b is slightly larger then Earth, and has twice the gravitational pull of our on planet.
  • Solution: Human evolution and adaptation; the human body has the amazing ability to repair itself.
  • Problem: Kepler 452b is so far away, it would take many generations until we would be able to reach the planet.
  • Solution: Technology advances over time- so hopefully new gadgets will allow the reduction of time needed to travel there.
  • Problem: There is no guarantee that there is actually alien life, but there might be considering the planet's habitable environment.
  • Solution: Scientists, with enough time and tech can solve this question concerning alien life on Kepler 452b.
  • Problem : Due to the possibility of an active volcanic system- it could provide some potential damage towards any new colonies on the planet.
  • Solution: Using technology, determine which ones are active/ dormant and re-locate and settle appropriately according to the volcano's activity.

Interesting Facts

  1. Kepler 452b is possibly the right temperature to allow liquid water to exist on the surface
  2. Due to the exoplanet's size and age, it's likely that it is a rocky planet- meaning that it could have a volcanic system under its surface.
  3. Keller 452b is 6 billion years old, 1.5 billion years older than Earth!
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