3rd Grade Classroom Update

September 28th - October 9th


In writing, we are in the middle of completing our first book review. We are just beginning to write the introductions. Over the next week, we will be writing the body and conclusion of our review as well. After we have taken some time to write our review, we will begin to look at how we can revise our writing to make it more interesting for our audience. Specifically, we will be looking at how we can add transition words and phases (i.e. first, second, then, after that) into our writing. We will then turn our focus to adding voice into our writing by making sure we have feeling and emotion in our book reviews as well as making sure your student's personality comes through in their writing. After we finish up revising and editing our book review, we take some time to present our writing in class.

Be sure to ask your student what book they have read for their review. You might also ask your Third Grader to tell you one thing they liked about the book they are reviewing.


We just finished up our first reading unit last week. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the results from the Unit 1 Assessment coming home soon! We look forward to visiting with you about these results at Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Here is a breakdown of skills and strategies we will be covering over the next two weeks.

Week of September 28th:

Genre: Folktale

Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast

Comprehension Strategy: Making Predictions

Vocabulary Skill: Antonyms

Grammar: Different kinds of nouns (common and proper nouns)

Spelling Focus: Long i and long u

Week of October 5th:

Genre: Historical Fiction

Comprehension Skill: Theme

Comprehension Strategy: Making Predictions

Vocabulary Skill: Similes

Grammar: Singular and plural nouns

Spelling Focus: Long e (Posttest - Thursday, October 8th)

Green Reading Sheets Due:

- Friday, October 2nd

- Thursday, October 8th.

If you are looking for ideas to check your student's reading comprehension at home here are some questions you might ask:

- How are two characters in the story you are reading alike and how are those characters different?

- Ask your child to make a prediction (before they begin reading) about what they think is going to happen in the story, chapter, or few pages they will be reading. When they are finished reading, ask if their prediction was accurate.


Your Third Grader just finished up a unit on addition of whole numbers. Be on the look out for the addition chapter test coming home soon. We will now turn our attention to subtraction of whole numbers. During this unit, we will be learning the rules for subtraction, discovering the relationship between addition and subtraction, estimating differences, and studying strategies to subtract.

Unit Studies - Social Studies

In Social Studies, we are continuing our first unit of study, Communities Have a Place. Over the next two weeks we will be learning more about natural and cultural features, map keys and symbols, landforms, and cardinal directions. We will also begin our first "Habits of Mind" lesson. In these lessons, we will teach our students to become critical thinkers using different documents and sources from our past. In the first "Habits of Mind" lesson we will be studying The Bill of Rights.

Odds and Ends

- PLC Day - Tuesday, September 29th - Early release 1:33

-Parent/Teachers Conferences - October 6th and 8th

Be on the look-out for conference reminders to be coming home very soon!

Teacher Plan Day - Friday, October 9th - No School