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September 2021

A Fantastic Start to the 2021-2022 School Year!

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Taylor Bouley and Sydney Freischlag hold up a very 'punny' sign on the first day.
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Science teacher Adam Rickenbach, English teacher Alison Bowman, and English teacher Maggie Dwyer welcome students on the first day. All of the staff greeted students with music and quite a bit of motivational hollering!

Varsity Soccer

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Boys Varsity

The Boys Varsity soccer team won their home opener against Mount Royal on Friday, August 27. Troy Brennan scored 4 goals and Kenny Begley added 3 to lead the offense. The team also won their second game at home on Friday, September 3. Our Warriors out scored Farmington-Nute 4-1.

The boys have continued to play like Warriors! The current record is 6-0-1! Keep it up, gentlemen.

Game Schedule

08/27/21 Mount Royal W9-1

09/03/21 Farmington-Nute W4-0

09/07/21 Hinsdale W9-0

09/10/21 at Newmarket W3-1

09/13/21 Conant T1-1

09/16/21 Pittsfield W6-0

09/20/21 at Concord Christian W1-0

09/28/21 at Portsmouth Christian 04:30 PM

10/02/21 at Sunapee 04:00 PM

10/04/21 at Conant 04:00 PM

10/08/21 at Mount Royal 03:00 PM

10/14/21 Concord Christian 06:00 PM

10/16/21 at Newport 02:00 PM

10/18/21 Sunapee 04:00 PM

10/20/21 Newport 06:30 PM

10/21/21atHinsdale04:00 PM

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Nate Brown cruises past the competition in the home opener.
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Sean Brennan makes his way down the field.
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Alex Nelson prepares to throw the ball back into play

Girls Varsity

The girls varsity team is doing great work so far this season! They are currently 4-2 and getting stronger every day! They played an excellent game in the pouring rain against Holy Family on September 21 and won 9-0. Well done, Warriors!

09/07/21 Hinsdale L2-8

09/08/21Epping L1-2

09/10/21 at Newmarket L0-10

09/14/21 at Conant L1-3

09/16/21 Pittsfield W3-2

09/22/21 Holy Family W9-0

09/29/21 at Portsmouth Christian 04:30 PM

10/02/21 at Sunapee 03:00 PM

10/04/21 Conant Postponed to 10/06

10/04/21 Conant 05:30 PM

10/08/21 at Mount Royal 04:30 PM

10/12/21 Newmarket 04:00 PM

10/14/21 at Concord Christian 04:00 PM

10/16/21 at Newport12:00 PM

10/18/21 Sunapee 06:00 PM

10/20/21 Newport04:30 PM

10/21/21 at Hinsdale04:00 PM

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Adri Bausha scores an incredible goal at the September 21st game against Holy Family.
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Sam Boette is back on the field and fighting for the ball!
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Avery Krug throws the ball back into play.

Student Recognition

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WLC Senior Shawn Bishop Wins Youth in Care Award for NH

Shawn Bishop of the class of 2022 has made us all proud by winning the Youth in Care Leader of the Year Award for NH. This award is given to young people in the foster care system that advocate not only for themselves but for others in their community. He was also presented this award in recognition of his resilience and perseverance throughout his life. He recieved his award in an August 12th ceremony.

Shawn is a student athlete at WLC and worked for the WLC technology director over the summer. He will continue with the tech department during the school year as an intern. Congratulations, Shawn! We are so very proud of you and all of your many accomplishments! You inspire us all!

Samantha Boette Chosen as WLC's Candidate for the DAR Good Citizenship Award

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The Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizens Award and Scholarship Contest, created in 1934, is intended to encourage and reward the qualities of good citizenship.

This award recognizes and rewards individuals who possess the qualities of dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism in their homes, schools, and communities.

WLC selected Samantha Boette because she demonstrates these qualities to an outstanding degree.

Congratulations, Samantha!!

Troy Gardent takes on Junior Firefighting Program

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Troy Gardent is a senior at WLC and was enrolled in the ConVal firefighting program this year; however, due to lack of participation, the program was cancelled. The Chief of the Wilton Fire Department, Don Nourse, has reviewed the Department SOG regarding the Junior Firefighter Program and Troy is on board to take on the challenge of becoming a Junior Firefighter. He has prior experience as an Amherst Fire Explorer and is looking to build on his experiences there to become more proficient at becoming a firefighter. Troy will be at the station two days a week to help, take on maintenance projects, and build his knowledge base on what volunteer firefighters do. Troy will be assigned to Company 1 under the Supervision of Captain Miron and Lieutenant Dick.

Nice work, Troy!

September 3rd was Fun Friday at WLC

To end the first week of school with a bit of fun, students and faculty took part in our first 'Fun Friday' of the year. For the last two periods of the day, students were able to sign up for activities. Activites included arts and crafts, board games, soccer, dodgeball, and basketball. We had a whole lot of fun and look forward to the next one!
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Emily Hanks takes part in the arts and crafts activity.

Middle School Team Building

During the first two weeks of school, the Middle School SEER classes worked on team building skills using a variety of games. One of these activities included students being broken into groups, and seeing which group could put a 24 piece puzzle together the fastest. The only catch was the person who was putting the puzzle together was blindfolded! Their teammates had to be their eyes and find ways to assist them in putting the puzzle together. This activity resulted in lots of laughs, and some fantastic new communication skills.
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Class of 2022 Hike Up Mt. Monadnock

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The seniors had a wonderful day hiking Mt. Monadnock on Friday, September 17. Ms. Manning, Mr. Provost, and Mr. Comerford accompanied them and everyone had a great time. When the students reached the bottom, Ms. Kovaliv and Ms. Coffey were waiting for them with pizza!

Art News

by Ms. Hall
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2D High School Art

2D High School Artists have been investigating some basic practices of compositional creation with the guidance of their own curiosity. They have been encouraged to explore color mixing, texture, and words integrated into their experimental compositions. This is all leading up to an exciting project to have the students paint storm drain murals downtown Wilton! Thanks to the awesome outreach from Donna Crane of the Wilton Community Center, we will be linking up with Michele Decoteau who is the Land Use Administrator and Stormwater Manager of Wilton, NH. Michele will visit WLC within the next few weeks to further discuss the guidelines of this mural project, as well as the importance of storm drain awareness with local and global water protection. In the meantime, we have commenced our deep dive into the visual studies of how various artists represent water with discerning investigations into the use of watercolor and acrylic painting techniques.

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3D High School Art

3D High School Artists are learning about the material culture of cardboard. Together they are experimenting with the versatility of this well-loved artist resource through sculpting visual 3D metaphors as well as surface investigations with spray paint in creating some inspiring visuals and quotes. They have been practicing some art criticism by viewing works of art by famous artists, and now they are deducing their own interpretive meaning through the critique practice of each other’s work.

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Computer Arts

Computer Arts students have been studying the fundamentals of animation by closely observing various characteristics of motion in our everyday lives. We are analyzing and sketching out paths of motion, and then imitating them by recreating the movement with handmade visual representations. The students have already created their own green screen and tried out a bit of basic editing on the Adobe After Effects platform. Since then, we have begun creating our own investigations into frame by frame animations with hand drawing images on sticky note books. This practice is in preparation for their handmade flip-book challenge! Flipbooks are a rudimentary practice that will enable these young animators to better understand the basics of animation and how it translates into digital animation parameters for more refined motion techniques.

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8th Grade Art

8th Graders in Art this trimester occupy 3 full classes! We are investigating 3 different topics. One class is looking at how to represent meaning more abstractly in sculptural formats, and working in groups to take their time to extract their own subjective interpretations from the sculptures. Another group are also working in sculptural ways, but with the challenge of reinventing ‘misfit’ ceramics that have been neglected in their unfinished state. Their dedication to observation, envisioning and reflection has brought them to creative solutions and wild ideas! Lastly the 3rd 8th grade class is talking about color, and how the layering of color in various materials yields interesting effects. From juxtaposing crayons in nature, to layering various abstract color shapes and lines, they are on their way to creating their own colors in recycled jars to use in their first big color theory project.

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7th Grade Art

7th Graders have been investigating a bit of color theory review as well and applying it to their studies of...eyes! We have been talking about the different parts of the eye that evoke our human expression, and how to simplify our eye renderings in order to capture creative expression with fewer lines. This practice is in preparation for a request from the middle school science department at WLC to paint eyes on some old goggles for opaque blindfolds for their scientific inquiry assignments. Additionally we are exploring composition, and how artists alter composition by cropping in on a piece of art. These eye sketch compositions will be framed with colors that we mixed based on their own creative decision making.

Library Skills

by Ms. Wiley
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It's time for the Library Skills Olympics! In Library Skills, 7th and 8th grade students are competing throughout the trimester to win the most medals! For the Opening Ceremonies, the classes split into groups, and in their groups they created a country with a unique name, flag, and anthem. The students got creative; countries had names such as, "Anime World", "Bop'n Derry", and "Oozma Kappa". They designed unique flags for their countries, and then showed off their creations in the hallways with a Parade of Nations. Each group also chose a national anthem, which varied from the iCarly television show theme song to the children's song, "Apples and Bananas". The students will be competing in their countries to win medals through activities and games to review library skills. From speed book cataloging to database searching trivia, students will practice their skills and earn medals. At the end of the trimester, the country with the most medals will win a prize in the closing ceremony! Stay tuned to see who will win!

Family and Consumer Science

by Ms. Clark
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In FACS Grade Six, we began the year playing 'Get to Know You Jenga.' I asked a question and each person had to answer it before they took a turn. We have been having a great time. I have been doing different activities based on the individual needs of students. They have been enjoying trying a couple tropical fruits: rambutans, dragonfruit, and star fruit and have been great taste testers of foods made from Creative Cooking. I have wonderful student helpers and paraprofessionals in my classes and it has been a blessing. We are working on some soft skills and how to be a great audience during food demonstrations. Many have had experiences already in cooking and love to take home what they make.

In “For the Love of Leftovers Class” we have been making vinyl record bowls. We are still in the beginning stages, but we are making progress. Many thanks to Ms. Hall for sharing her spray paints with us and her expertise. We even practiced on a picnic table and worked collaboratively. In this class we also made a big meal and ate family style. In today’s busy world, many families don’t sit together and eat at the table. We started preparing it during advisory and continued through our class period.

In Creative Cooking our favorite item so far is spaghetti bread. Each one came out awesome! Vincent LoVerme and Alex Carver shared their’s with the guidance department. Mrs. Kovaliv said they should receive an A+. The students are making progress with time management. Our class goes by really fast. We have made a lot of quick breads and will be making treats for the Homecoming Dance.

8th Grade Science

by Ms. Blais
Students are investigating Contact Forces. They have been collecting evidence and measuring how objects deform under different amounts of force to answer the question; How much do you have to push any object to get it to deform?
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Student Leadership Team

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On Thursday, September 23, students who were invited to join the student leadership team were given their invitations in grand fashion. Student Leadership Team Advisor, Zach Provost donned his top hat and Assistant Principal Katie Gosselin grandly announced those who have been selected. There is always room for more students on the Student Leadership Team! If there is interest, please email Mr. Provost at

The Year Book Staff Needs Your Help!

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To make this yearbook a success, we need photos. If you have photos from any school events, past or present, feel free to send them to us! Photos from classes, activities or spring sporting events in 2021 would be greatly appreciated. Please email any photos to either Mary Beth Wiley ( or Alison Bowman (

Additionally, the Yearbook Staff is looking for advertisements! If you want to promote your business while supporting the senior class, the yearbook is a great way to do it! Advertising can be done through our school's yearbook website below. Parents can also support their seniors through the yearbook! Add messages of congratulations and photos of your student to show your support! Setting up and purchasing an advertisement can be done through the website below. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Beth Wiley or Alison Bowman! Thank you for your help and support!

Thanksgiving Basket Collection

We will be collecting items to provide Thanksgiving Baskets for families in need again this year. If you would like to donate items or money, please email,, or Donations of non perishable items can also be brought to the school and dropped off. A list of most needed materials will be out next week!

Picture Day

Friday, Oct. 8th, 8am-12pm

57 School Road

Wilton, NH

Early Release Day for Students

Thursday, Sep. 30th, 11:30am

57 School Road

Wilton, NH

Students will be dismissed at 11:30am.

Homecoming Dance

Friday, Oct. 1st, 6-9pm

57 School Road

Wilton, NH

High School Homecoming Dance- Semiformal attire!

PTO Meeting

Monday, Oct. 18th, 6pm


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