Library News

February 2019

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Library Book Review Challenge

The Library team had quite the challenge coming back after the CNY holidays. We had such great entries from all the students at Peak school that we struggled to decide which reviews should be on our wall. The standard of work produced by over 40 of our students was outstanding and if we had the space we would have put them all up!

Do come and take a look at the Book Reviews when you are next in the Library, I think you're going to be as impressed as we are.

Congratulations to the following students though whose work is on the wall can have earned an additional 10 house points each as a result:


Mary Blades


Adam Pepall

Samah Chadha


Mianne Cheng

Lisa Tanaka


Ava Kwok

Christopher Tsang

Luke Holden

Ningyi Liu

Olivia Saunders


Amelie Schulz

Anwen Brown


Charlie Cheung

Natalie Stoker


Kaylee Ng


Lucy Blades

Macy Man


Jasmine Liew

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A very Plastic problem

We're making changes in the Library to reduce our plastic waste.

We are trying hard, very hard to reduce our use of plastic at Peak School, the ideal will be to be plastic free, but for now we are aiming for reducing our single use and unnecessary use of plastic.

It's quite a challenge to reduce the use of plastic in the Library, but we are willing to accept the challenge and try in as many ways as possible to reduce our impact on our environment.

So far we have introduced two immediate changes that directly effect our users and we are working on longer term strategies to change our behaviour and attitudes too.

Firstly, we are stopping use of our library cards. Most of our students from Year 3 onwards have been using the computers to search for their accounts and borrow their books anyway, but to be able to eliminate that use of library cards we have to make it fair to new joiners who wont be getting a library card. For the last few weeks we have been asking all the classes in year 2-6 to try to not use their library cards and see how they get on. Their response has been brilliant. they fully understand the reasoning behind why they are being asked to change the way they use the library, and have been more than supportive of the change. If they keep this up, we are on track to give them their library cards at the end of the term to take home as a souvenir. Year 1 will continue using their library cards until they are in Year 2.

Going forward the plan is to have the Year 1's using a smaller un-laminated library card which they will transition from in the beginning of Year 2, while the rest of the school continue using the computers only for their borrowing and returning. We will always keep a supply of the existing browsing cards for those students who wish to use them.

Secondly we have dramatically reduced the plastic contact paper we use to cover books. We need your help more than ever to preserve the collection of books we have in the Library as the without fully covering the books we are unable to preserve them for as long. We need our borrowers to be principled and responsible in how they manage the books.

We are looking for your help in the form of ideas and knowledge on how to reduce the impact on our environment that we are having. If you see something that we can change please do let us know and by all means tell us how to do it!

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The international Day of Women and Girls in Science was celebrated on Monday 11th February 2019. To Mark the occasion we had on display some of the books we have that record the contributions made to science by women and girls. It has been hard to keep these books on our shelves, which is great, the borrowers at Peak School are keen to know and recognise the works of so many contributors to the world around us. I'm most pleased to report that the books are borrowed not my any particular gender but by all the children.