Puppies And Kittens for Adoption

$25 adoption fee, Harnett County Animal Shelter

Harnett County Animal Shelter is a high-kill shelter in Lillington, NC, with beautiful puppies and kittens for adoption, all breeds, sizes and colours. $25 adoption fee, Monday 1pm-4pm, Tuesday 1pm-7:30pm, Closed Wed., Thursday 1pm-4pm, and Friday 1pm-4pm.

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Attached to this flyer are photos of past and current HCAS animals. This flyer is not made by an Animal Control officer, but by a volunteer.

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More Info About HCAS:

This Shelter euthanizes every Wednesday if the animals are not all adopted by Tuesday night, so if you are interested please call HCAS at 910-814-2952 or go to their website at: