The Domino Theory

3D Presentation Activity

INSANE Domino Tricks! (Hevesh5 & MillionenDollarBoy)


The Domino Theory is basically the thought that one communist victory in one nation will lead to other communist takeovers of surrounding countries. Then once those countries were under communist control, then communism will spread to the countries around those, therefore working like a chain reaction.


  • Cause: In 1945, Vietnamese nationalist leader Ho Chi Minh proclaimed Vietnamese independence from France, but the replacing government type would be communist. Southern Vietnam backed by the French retaliated to keep the French in Vietnam. President Truman provided covert and financial aid to France. Truman justified the presence in the Vietnam War/ the support of southern Vietnam was that if the communists win then it will spread to surrounding countries of South East Asia.
  • Characteristics: Laos and Cambodia did receive communist influence when the communist won the Vietnam War. There was that Ho Chi Minh was actually a pawn for of the 2 communist giants of Russia and China.
  • Significance: This contributed the current Foreign Policy in the United States of America, and the U.S. learned that not a lot of communism spread from the communist victory in Vietnam. Therefore we know today that it is very unlikely that there will the spread of global communism from only one communist victory.