Pure Haven Essentials with Lisa

April 2016

Meet our newest products!

Pure Haven Essentials is now in its second month and has already launched several new products with more to be announced at our conference on April 23-24. I am loving our new citrus body butter and the lavender soak is the ultimate in relaxation. All of our spa products make perfect gifts--but don't be afraid to indulge yourself as well!

Also, our essential oils, which are from certified organic manufacturers, are now available in .2oz sizes.

This month I am raising money for orphaned children in Kenya to attend a sister school of my kids' school. We are excited to sponsor at least one kid (or maybe we can get to two?) and give hope of a brighter future. ($300 covers a year of their tuition).
25% of your purchase will go toward this cause when you use party ID#145697 and to thank you for your support and make things fun, this is a mystery host party with the opportunity to win free products or an unlimited discount. **PLUS any orders submitted by April 9 will receive a free organic lip balm from me!**

I'm really looking forward to attending our conference in Rhode Island in April, and will be hosting a party on April 30 to debut the products they announce there and share what I learn when I tour our manufacturing facilities. Please let me know if you'd like an invite so you can sample our new items...Of course, if you can't make it, remember that we have a 30-day money back guarantee on all our products.

In gratitude for your support and efforts to vote with your dollars,

Pure Haven Essentials