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Innovative Ideas and Practices from around ICCSD

Teachers are doing some pretty amazing things in our district. Each month, the IDS Innovation team will highlight a few projects and classrooms from around ICCSD - maybe you will find some inspiration!

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Digital Student Portfolios across ICCSD

Learning, Creating, Sharing with Data Binders and Digital Portfolios

Allison Houselog and Lindsey Estill's 6th graders used Google Sites to create and maintain portfolios last year. Not only were these a great repository of student work, they also served as the perfect platform for implementing student lead parent-teacher conferences. See student examples here and here.

Introducing the IDS Innovation team!

Why might I ask to work with an IDS Innovation?

Because you want to try new things in your classroom!

Our team is interested in helping teachers build their capacity to think about their teaching in new ways. If you are looking for new approaches to get your students to collaborate, communicate, think critically, or create new things, we can help!

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Who should I contact first?

You are welcome to work with any member of the IDS Innovation team, but there are two members of the team assigned to each geographic region. These two will be happy to serve as your first point of contact!

Scott and Andrew: Kirkwood, Borlaug, Garner, Coralville Central, Van Allen, Penn, Wickham, Northwest, North Central.

Evan and Melissa: City High, West High, Horn, Shimek, Weber, Mann, Lincoln.

Mike and Chelsea: Grant Wood, Alexander, Longfellow, Lemme, Hills, Lucas, Hoover, Twain, Tate, TREC, South East.

Tools to Try

Instructional Design Strategists of Innovation

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