Marcus Matters

December 14, 2015

Biggest Loser Contest Returns

First Weigh In will be January 5. As we weigh in weekly, wear similar clothing so you can keep up with your victories. Please enjoy your holiday feasting. When we return, it will be a healthy employee makes for a Happy Marauder. Look forward to the friendly competition. Let me know if you want to compete individually or as a team? We can come up with an entry fee so we can have more incentive other than losing weight.
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What separates failure from success?

I added Michael Jordan's quote based on what we view as a winner. My son adored Michael Jordan. He witnessed the championships and his last second heroics, but I am not sure he witnessed the failures and hard work it took him to have those moments on television. We must help our kids understand that hard work will eventually pay off for them. We must also encourage them that failure does not mean the end of the road, and instead make them see as a small hurdle to jump prior to the inevitable successes in their lives. Your innovation that you are trying this year may be that spark to ignite the passion for one or more of your students. You too may also fail the first time you create a new idea to use in the classroom, but please for the sake of your students don't give up on the first try.
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How True!

How often does this preoccupy your thoughts each and every day? I can tell you that I have allowed Mr. Grudge to spend a great deal of time in my small brain. Let's join in the theme of Frozen and "Let It Go."