November 2022


We continue to be thankful to be learning without COVID protocols. In-person experiences and developing REAL relationships is always the best. We continue to be sensitive to personal choice. Please continue to be assured that personal choice is honored and respected at Gish School with regard to personal mask use. Any/all Gish citizens MAY wear personal masks, and nobody MUST wear a personal mask. Gish School will continue to supply personal disposable masks until our supply runs out.

As you know, schools must report attendance and when the absentee rate exceeds 10%, Alberta Health becomes involved. It is PARAMOUNT to report your child(ren)’s absence by e-mailing or calling Gish School: OR 780-459-7766

It is also important to indicate the reason, because if it is other than sickness, we can code it properly so that Alberta Health does not assign “Outbreak Status” to Gish School. We suspect that many students were absent on October 24, and possibly during the week of Oct. 24-28 due to celebrations and festivities around Diwali.

Parent Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Nov. 7 & 8, from 5:00-8:00pm. We are happy to accommodate parents’ choice by offering either meetings “in-person” or “online.” Please be sure to follow the instructions that were e-mailed earlier and sign up for a time slot. As much as in-person interviews are preferable, we appreciate some advantages of online interviews:

 Parents can attend, even from work (possibly during a coffee break).

 Babysitting services for siblings are not required.

 Nobody has to worry about parking spots or speeding tickets.

 A short time line forces people to be punctual.

 Parents can meet from home.

Elmer Gish School is proud of our volunteerism and community support. Individual classes

participated in our “Rake & Run” Program where we raked leaves for many surrounding neighbors' front yards. Paper bags were filled and left at the curbs. When we ran out of paper bags, we used plastic bags and staff volunteers drove around and picked up the bags.

Halloween activities were very successful. What an enjoyable time to be in school. Please be mindful that nuts and nut products are strongly discouraged at Gish School, due to severe allergies. Please do not send nuts or products with nuts in them.

Parents, the single best activity that you can do with your children is to read together. Time and time again, research proves that reading is the most important skill in determining students’ success. Setting aside time each and every day for reading is paramount, whether it’s right after school before supper, right after supper, or at bed time.

Thanks for your overwhelming support for our staff and programs thus far. If you have any accolades or concerns, please communicate initially with the teacher(s) involved. Afterward, if you want to proceed to contact either one of us, please accept this as an offer to do so, either by phone or by e-mail.

Yours in partnership,

John Strembitsky, Sue Werner , Derek Harrison,

Principal, Assistant Principal, Assistant Principal


Student Arrival & Departure

Please continue to drop off students no sooner than 8:30. Pick up is at their designated doors at 3:15. Please make sure your student is picked up no later than 3:30. We do not have supervision available before outside of those times and we appreciate your continued cooperation!

Thank you to all parents who are dropping off in the double "private vehicle lane" in the morning and not entering GISH property at all in the afternoon until after the buses have departed. We sincerely appreciate your help in keeping all GISH students safe!

Eating Utensils For Students
The days of plastic disposable utensils are numbered! While we do have an available stash here at the school for students who have forgotten theirs, once we run out we will not be restocking these. Please ensure your child has the necessary utensils to consume their lunch. We are not providing disposable cups, please ensure to have a water bottle packed each day as well! Water fountains are available for students to use in the school.

Parents & Driving Laws
Bylaw enforcement, Sheriffs, Peace Officers, and RCMP are all committed to making GISH school and community safer. Parents and Guardians are asked to PLEASE mind traffic laws and keep the following rules in mind:

-NO left turns from Parent Drop Off Lanes between the hours of 8AM and 4PM
-NO parking in the crosswalk

-NO dropping off or picking up passengers while in the crosswalk

-DO NOT drop off students from the roadway on Akins Dr. while stopped in traffic. Instead please pull off to the curb or use the parent drop off lanes.

These rules are in place to ensure the safety of all students at GISH and it's important that they are followed. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.

Student Phone
Just a reminder that we do have a student phone available for use that students may choose to use. This phone line is located next to the gym and is NOT monitored by staff so call back at your own discretion! Any calls coming in from that line will come in at 780-459-7090 and may display "Board of Trustees".

Lunch Drop Off
If you are dropping off a lunch for your child, please remember to clearly mark it with their name so staff can ensure it makes it to your child! The office has been known to collect quite a few lunches and this helps us stay organized, thank you!

Student Absences

Please continue to notify the front office of any absences. You can give us a call at 780-459-7766 or email

Disposable Masks

While we do have a number of masks available for students who need one and didn't bring one from home, our numbers are limited. If your child prefers to wear a mask to school please consider sending them with reusable masks. Once we run out, we won't have these available any longer.

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This year we want to spread some kindness and support to those in need. From November 14th- December 16th, we will be collecting food for the food bank and mittens for an inner-city organization. Students can bring items to their teachers between these dates. Thank you for spreading love and kindness this season!

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Our ceremony this year will take place on November 9th, Kindergarten - grade 4 will be at 9:30 and grade 5-9 will be at 10:45. Poppies will be available that day by donation, please send your child with a $1 donation if they would like a poppy.
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Just a reminder that due to the increase in food costs, pizza tickets will now be available for $5. Still a fantastic deal! As always we will have cheese, pepperoni, and ham & pineapple available. Please do your best to make sure your child has their money with them at the start of the day as orders go in first thing in the morning.
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We were so excited to welcome back the annual GISH PUMPKIN PULL!! This has been a long held tradition at GISH school where classrooms work together to pull the "guts" out of a pumpkin. We love this team building event and the joy it brings to the faces of our students! Congratulations to our homeroom winners: Zawaduk's grade 3's, Cookson's grade 6's, and Moric's grade 9's!


Our first round of grade 3 Lego Club is in full swing and the students are having so much fun building! We will happily accept any lego donations at any time. Please contact Mrs. Zawaduk if you would like to donate.


Grade 6 intramurals have switched over to volleyball. Anyone interested in practicing their volleyball skills is welcome in the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 12:05-12:30. Right now it is drop-in, however we would like to make some teams and set up a tournament with some other schools in our area for the end of November. Hope to see all of you grade sixes in the gym!!
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