Battle of Palo Duro Canyon

Claudia Flores 6th period

The Battle of Palo Duro Canyon

September 28,1874 was the most decisive battle of the Red River campaign. Many Plains groups set on the campground of the canyon.After decending down the sheer canyon walls ,the fouth cavalry which was under Colonel Ranald S. MAckinzie, set fire to Commanche, KIowa,and Cheyenne villages.many lives were lost but the troops captured many mules and horses. They had to kill off a lot of the animals so the Native Americans couldn't try to get them back. Without the food,shelter and horses the Native Americans needed they wouldn't be able to survive long.

Quanah Parker

Early November Native Americans were making there way to the reservations. A harsh winter came and many died. The Kwahadies were the last remaining Comanche Band who surrendered June 1875 at Fort Sill in Indian Territory. Among them was Quanah Parker.

Parker represented his people and worked as a mediator to settle disputes among the Native American regions. He fought for Native American rights and represented thier intrest to the federal goverment in Washington D.C. The KIckapoo and Apache warriors continued thier struggle for a few more years in the border country along the Rio Grand.