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It’s Our Commitment to Your Success That Sets Us Apart

At the CRTC we are all in on providing our students and staff with the options and opportunities to succeed in school, careers and life. It’s more than a mission statement for us, it’s a pervasive mindset that guides everything we do, and inspires us to continually refine and innovate the way we conduct our day-to-day business.

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April is Admissions Month at The CRTC

Over the past several weeks CRTC staff has had to make some pretty tough decisions as they’ve sifted through applications to determine the make up of September's Year I classes, and have carefully reviewed each first year student’s SPUR assessments to decide who would be invited back to complete their second year.

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Goodbye Ms. Kate

CRTC Program Coordinator Kate Amrol left the CRTC in April to become the new Workforce Development Coordinator for the NH Auto Dealers Association Education Foundation. Ms. Kate, as she was affectionately called by students, had been with the CRTC for five years, where she took on multiple roles before being promoted to Program Coordinator just as the COVID crisis began last spring.

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A Different Kind of English Class for Career-Minded Students

The CRTC Career Communications English class was developed five years ago by Director Steven Rothenberg and longtime English teacher Elizabeth York as a way to combine the career-focused education students get in their CRTC programs with the communications skills they’ll need on the job.

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Meet Our Teachers:

Five years ago, a longtime Concord High School English teacher was challenged to build a unique kind of English course flexible enough to target the individual CRTC student's career goals, but comprehensive enough to provide all students with relevant, career-ready reading, writing and speaking skills. Learn a little more about our CRTC Career Communications English teacher, Elizabeth York, by reading this month’s CRTC Teacher Q & A.

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Something New Waiting For You at

The newly redesigned CRTC website is up and running, featuring a new format that updates our look and upgrades your online CRTC connection. The content has been revised and streamlined to improve the user experience, and there are lots of new photos and videos featuring our programs and your students.

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Pre-Apprenticeship Program Helps CRTC Students Connect to Employers and Jumpstart Their Careers

For most of April, Construction Trades student Nick White has been traveling to Manchester each Wednesday to spend five hours working at Longchamps Electric as part of a pre-apprenticeship program designed to give him a head start on both a job and a career.

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CRTC Welcomes New Culinary Teacher

There’s a new face in the CRTC Culinary program kitchen! When Chef Bob McIntosh retires at the end of the school year, Chef Adam Parker will be the new Culinary & Pastry Arts teacher. Chef Parker, who is the former Director of Operations and Corporate Chef for Fratello’s Italian Grille in Manchester, will come onboard in April and take over the program full time in September.

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Services for CRTC Students and Families in Need

The protracted battle with COVID-19, and the associated economic and social fallout, has strained the resources and endurance of many individuals and families. But help is available as both school- and community-based services are ready to provide a wide range of support. Remember that we are all in this together, so there's no need for you to go it alone. Click Here to access a contact list of those support organizations.

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