Math Tutoring by Math Teachers

ELEM & MS math tutoring for remediation or enrichment

Math Tutoring for Remediation & Enrichment

  • PRE-ASSESSMENT: I will assess your child's current level of math understanding to identify strengths and areas of concern. This assessment will be created on an individual basis based on your child's grade level and need for remediation or enrichment. I will also assess your child's learning style to ensure instruction is delivered in the method they learn best.
  • LEARNING PLAN: I will use the data collected from the assessment to create a personalized learning plan for your child. This learning plan will include a schedule of skills to be taught tentatively throughout sessions and will be shared with you.
  • ONE ON ONE INSTRUCTION: Your child will receive one-on-one instruction to address areas of concern utilizing the method they learn best and best instructional practices in education. During one-on-one instruction, your child will develop foundational math concepts through the use of manipulatives and problem solving strategies. Your child will also learn real world examples of math concepts to connect concepts to their life.
  • PRACTICE: Your child will practice skills learned to master areas of concern. During practice, your child will use strategies learned during one-on-one instruction to solve word problems and explain mathematical concepts.
  • POST-ASSESSMENT: Your child will complete ongoing assessments to monitor and track their progress towards mastering skills.


I charge $25 an hour for 2 hour sessions and recommend attendance twice a week. Sessions can be scheduled for remediation or enrichment.

Math Tutoring by a Math Teacher

Hours are flexible and sessions will be held at public libraries in private study rooms.