All About ME

Grace Feucht

Activities/ Hobbies

I love to paint and draw in my free time and also I love to love animals.

School Subject Strengths

I love going to school and learning but my favorite subject is Social studies.

Important Values

Well when I get a job I would like to be a leader or "the boss" not because I'm mean just because I like to tell people what to do.

How Many Ways Am I Smart?

OK I know that title sounds self centered but how else was I supposed to put it? But any way I took the quiz on Wis careers and it said that I am

  • Nature smart- being nature smart means that you appreciate and are knowledgeable about the natural environment.
  • Picture Smart- being picture smart means that you tend to think in pictures and enjoy creating visual images.
  • Word smart- being word smart means that you have highly developed listening skills and are generally good speakers.
(top three)

My Learning Styles

I learn mostly by reading, probably because I read a lot of books. I learn math mostly by seeing and I learn socially by myself, which now that I think of it isn't really social.

My Holland Code and Career Clusters

My Holland Code is Artistic, Investigative and Enterprising and my Career Clusters are Arts, technology and Communication, Business and Marketing.


My Dream Job would be a Oceanographer but I need, at very least a Masters Degree. Plus my salary would be 68,570 per year.

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