1. Life as a Lord

Life As A Lord In The Middle Ages Was Sweet.

2. Lord

In The Middle Ages, Lords Were Just A Steep down From The King. These Were The People Who Got The Land Directly from The King And Gave It To The Vassals.

2. Vassals

Vassals Were Lesser Nobles, Or Knights, Who Fought On Behalf Of The Lords And King.

2. Manor

A Main Part Of The Nobles Land.

Very Important People In the Manor

3. Serf

Serfs Received The Land From The Knights, Or Vassals. They Worked The Land And Made The Crops For The Other People On The Land.

4. Intersting Facts

In exchange for living and working on his land, known as the "demesne," the lord offered his peasants protection.( learner.com)
Nobles divided their land among the lesser nobility, who became their servants or "vassals." (learner.com)

5. Questions

Who Was In Charge Of Giving The Land To The Vassals?
Who Grew All Of The Crops For The Rest Of The Manor?

7. I Feel That...

I Feel That The Lord Had It Quite Easy. They Got To Lay Around All Day While The King Made Laws, The Knights Protected, And The Serfs Grew The Crops. All The Lord Had To Do Was Give Some Of The Land To The Knights, And Appear Before The King.
By: Sydney Graham 3 Period