All About Me

By Katie Mulvey

I Love Cheer

I have been cheering for 11 year. I cheer for an all comp team. Our JV team was amazing we won our nationals we vs nine teams , but this year I'm moving up a higher team now. I started cheer at Bensalem Ramblers for 6 years then left because there not that good.Then went to Bears for 3 year left. Now I'm on a better team.

I Play Alot of Sports


I love Voracek he plays on the flyers and hes number 93 I went to my 1st game last year it was the best and voracek gave me a high five and i love watching him play on tv hes amazing to my he always scores he my favorite play on the flyers

Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber he started makeing videos on YouTube then he people saw him and now he a pop singer and every girl love him he so cute and really good at singing