Friday Coffee Chat!

November 13, 2015

Holiday WHY NOT??

The Holiday season is in full affect!!! Time to reach out, book your Holiday SHOW and earn your HOLIDAY COMMISSIONS! So many of you are hosting your own Double Dip show and taking advantage of the extra CASH in your pocket and amazing hostess credits!

WHY NOT???? These ladies are rocking their season with shows BOOKED!!!!

Movie on 11 13 15 at 8 41 AM

Hello TOP TEN for the week!

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Who is going to be the STAR of your show??? YOU ARE! Many PROMOTIONS happen in November! I can't wait to celebrate YOU!

Look who already PROMOTED!

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Celebrate the HOLIDAYS! Join us!!!

It's HOLIDAY PARTY TIME! Please JOIN your local Philly S&D leaders on Monday, December 14th to CELEBRATE an AMAZING 2015! Lots of yummy apps and a drink are included! It's going to be a great way to celebrate the holidays (and a wonderful year) with friends! *Please Register Here*

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