Armor of God

Breastplate of Righteousness

The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer | Session 4

The second piece of armor Paul mentions in Ephesians 6:14 is "the breastplate of righteousness." Why is the breastplate important—for both ancient soldiers and us?

This is why you must take up the full armor of God, so that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having prepared everything to take your stand. Stand therefore, with truth like a belt around your waist, righteousness like armor on our chest. Eph 6:14

Righteousness = Justice

"Righteousness literally means justice- the quality of being upright, fulfilling the expectations set in a relationship. In our case as believers, this relationship is with God Himself. Righteousness, then, is upright living that aligns with God's expectations."

Shirer pg. 69

Restate this last sentence in your own words. What does righteousness mean?

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Does your faith walk demonstrate righteousness?

Heart and Soul

"We have a BODY (relates to physical world), a SPIRIT (relates to God), and a SOUL (relate to yourself and makes you unique).

Your soul in a reflection of your mind (thoughts), your will (ambition), your emotions (feelings), and your conscience (morals). The heart is the intersetion of these four internal characteristics. The centerpiece of the soul." Shirer pg. 71

When you put on the belt of truth you know God's word and standard for your life. When you put on the breastplate of righteousness you are making the choice to align your life to the truth. Walk the talk!

Focus on the areas where we need to be proactive and ready to fight.

Your Mind: Pay attention to what your mind focuses on during "free time". Don't let your thinking be disrupted by lies. Keep biblical scripture ready to focus on.

Your Will: What are your goals both short term and long term. Do they match up with God's calling in your life?

Your Emotions: Keep a hold on run away responses to life situations. Seek wise counsel before you make unstable choices.

You Conscience: What and who influences your life choices? Does it steer you to live the way the bible tells us?

When you and I choose not to align our actions with God's truth - when we live in blatant rebellion again His will for us - we leave our heart exposed where Satan can take a clear shot.

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A sudden infusion of righteousness can change your whole future. Pray fervently. Seek God fully.