What should you use?

Hydroelectricity is the IDEAL source of electricity for you!


Salutations, citizens of the GREAT township in far north Queensland! We have heard your pleas for our help in diminishing the yucky thingamajigys that you call coal that powers your land! Now, we have arrived! Here are OUR ideas for making a town that uses sustainable idea!

What should you use?

According to your position on the map that you courteously provided us (find it on the right), we have found the PERFECT source of electricity for you! The answer is the wonderful and magnificent...HYDROELECTRICITY!

What makes Hydroelectricity so special to YOU?

There are many other sources of sustainable energy that have been discovered all around the world, but why is hydroelectricity the one that we have recommended to you? Well, an answer to that is the position of your great township. It is conveniently located near water! This would easily power the generators!

Also, in the waters, the waves are quite rough. Are you going to oppose me? Anyway, if the waves are rough, that would create a sufficient amount of energy to your town! What a stroke of genius!

How much would the Hydroelectricity power?

The amount of energy provided by the electrical generators would be basically infinite, as long as the waves keep rolling! And when has the moon ever failed us? Once the waves start rolling, electrons will start flowing through the wires, and out the other end. At the receiving side of the wire would be the generators. At that point, electricity could be delivered to EVERYWHERE!

Why is Hydroelectricity necessary in your town?

In the facts that you provided us about your township, many things are operating in the town at a time. For example, there are shops, services and farming communities, helping a town of 30,000. Also, tourists keep rushing in from all corners of the world. With that, something is needed to keep up with all that energy being used. You know what the answer to that is! Yes, hydroelectricity again!

Also, we heard that your land does deep sea fishing! Well, we advise that to continue doing deep sea fishing while the "wave catchers" are operating, we recommend that the wave catchers are placed a distance away from the area of deep sea fishing.

Here are some extra things to help you understand Hydroelectricity better!

Advantages Of Going Hydro!

To view the advantages of hydroelectricity, click on the link! It will show why going Hydro is what you should do!

This animation to show how Hydroelectricity works!

Hydro Power - Animation on how Hydro Power Works

This is the end of our recommendation. Hope we have helped you. Bye!

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