States of Matter

Ashton Wilson


Definition: An object that is not a liquid or a gas; atoms that are closely compact.

#1. Has a fixed volume

#2. Not easily compressible

#3. Does not flow easily

Examples: Brick, Wood, Table, Glass, Diamond


Definition: An object that flows freely

#1. Takes the shape of it's container

#2. Not easily compressible

#3. Flows freely

Examples: Water, honey, soft drinks.


Definition: Air-like substance that flows freely

#1. Takes up space of container

#2. Compressible

#3. Atoms moves around freely and easily

Examples: Oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium.

Bose Einstein Condensate

Definition: State of matter of a dilute gas of bosons cooled to temperatures close to absolute zero.

#1.Molecules get more dense

#2. Happens at extremely low temperatures, (0 Kelvin)

#3. Atoms clump



Defintion: Ionized gas

#1. Most common form of matter

#2. Temperatures regulated from relatively cold to extremely hot

#3. Free moving electrons and ions

Examples: lightning, solar wind, stars