Rodrigo Romero

The Differences

It might feel weird at first to go from doing the things you do in p.e. to pre-sports. You'll get used to the things we do and see that many thing are the same.

The first thing that you will see different is that you have to change cloths and have a gym locker. The second thing is that this class gets you ready for athletics. The last thing is that we have health on Wednesday.


We play sports (many of witch you already do) like football, basketball, some people play soccer, and a little bit of track. Most of these sports are played by the athletic group.

A few of the coaches

What happens on a normal week?

On Monday and Tuesday nothing specific happens. The coach chooses what to do. When Wednesday arrives we have to do health. This is when we stay in the locker room, get out the "Health book", and answer questions. The coach chooses what to do on Thursday and on Friday you play dodge ball if your class was good during the week.